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    If your name as it appears on the deed, contract, etc. varies from your photo ID this will be a problem at closing. We need lead time to resolve.

    If your name as it appears on the deed, contract, etc. varies from your photo ID this will be a problem at closing. We need lead time to resolve.

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    Is there anyone you want on title that is not on the contract?
    Sometimes one spouse qualifies for the loan but both spouses want to own the property -- the lender will have to approve, the contract may need to be amended, we need to know ASAP. Please call your closing contact here at Lytle Title to confirm.

    Will you be signing by power of attorney?
    If you will be signing by power of attorney we and the lender must pre-review and approve the power, and the original must be available for recordation.

    Will you be able to sign documents locally?
    If no please contact us for further discussion and instructions.

    Do you anticipate owing money at closing?
    If yes, then we will need certified funds (i.e. cashier's check or wire) payable to "Lytle Title & Escrow, LLC". The exact amount will be known very close to closing to the date of closing.

    Do you want us to order a survey for you?
    Subdivision residential surveys cost approx. $450. We recommend them. If you are unsure at the moment, please let us know immediately so we have time to order one. Surveys can take 3-4 weeks to obtain.

    How do you want to take title to the property?
    TBEJointIn CommonTrustIndividual
    TBE - tenants by the entireties. If married, best choice (must be married).; Joint - joint owners with survivorship.; In Common - joint but no survivorship (passes to estate, not co-owners).; Trust - In existing living trust (lender must approve, we need trust docs.; Individual - only one person on deed. Please contact us if you are unsure.

    Are you obtaining a home warranty?
    It may be the seller has agreed to provide/pay, check yes if so or if you desire to purchase.

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    check if the property will be your forwarding (new) address.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cyber criminals are preying on those involved in real estate transactions. They will hack email accounts, spoof email addresses, and send emails with fake wiring or fake funds delivery instructions. These emails are convincing and sophisticated. Always independently confirm wiring and funding instructions in person or by telephone to our published office number of record. Never wire money without double-checking, in person, that the wiring instructions are correct. Lytle Title will never send you revised or different wiring instructions. Lytle Title will never accept unoriginal, non-notarized, or revised wiring instructions. Certified funds will always be payable to Lytle Title. Be skeptical and vigilant. Lytle Title will not be responsible for misdelivered funds due to third-party fraud.

    I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above notice.